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Originally Posted by WelshLad
Yeh, if a guy says he only goes for personality, he's lying. But that doesn't mean we don't care about perosnality. I'd rather go for a not bad looking girl who's smart and funny, than a thin stunning girl who's thick as shit and boring.
Personally, I like a girl's eyes and hair (although that sound weird). I wudnt go out with anyone over an inch taller than me in general. But i wud never go out with any1 w/out a sense of humour and whu hasnt got a brain
Liking girls eyes and hair isnt weird at all. I like girls eyes and hair also.
and as you said it would be way better to go out with a girl that is smart and I guess sorta hyper and always has something to talk about other than a stupid girl who doesnt care about anyone other than herselff.
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