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Default Does this make me gay or is it just a phase?

Ok how cud i put i luv girls pussy tits and all!Even rite now i have a GF but sometimes i wonder wut it wud be like to maybe try it with a male. I think personally that half of this came from me watch both gay n str8 porno videos. Im 19 n never tryed anything other than with a female.Everyday almost i meet a new female that im interested in to have sex wit. I dont walk around like dam he's cute and ill have sex with him its just like....i dunno!

I was wondering is this something i shud try to see if its right for me or is it just better to just leave it along period and live my str life lol!

I really dont know what to think because i dont want to be or even try anything with a male its just sometimes i have those types of feeling but not on a regular
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