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Default Re: Your First French Kiss & Kissing Discussion

my first kiss was when i was 13 at my girlfriend lauras bonfire. there was about 10-15 ppl there. we all decided to play truth or dare. it came to be my turn. i was dared to kiss laura. we were both nervous cause we nvr done it before. we didnt want anyone watching us. we told evryone tht but they were insisting they had to see. then outta nowhere one of my friends shouted look at the stars. evry1 looked up except me and my gf. we both grabbed hands and kissed, it wasnt long but seemed so. ill always remember my first kiss by my friend shouting look at the star. it was very funny too

and the first time i madeout was with the same girlfriend. we went for a walk durring the winter. we started talking. we stopped under a streetlight. cause it started snowing we were laughing. idk why. we faced each other and we both leaned in for a kkiss but instead we made out for about 7 minutes cause we were interrupted by our friends.

this just random but evrytime i kissed her was outside.
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