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Don't forget that Bill Clinton gave Halliburton a No-Bid contract in the war in Kosovo. When a well established corporation that is accustomed to war time operations is called upon to help in another war, I call that a good choice.

There has not been one drop of oil stolen from Iraq, and the Americans have done their best to save the oil from being burned by Iraqi radicals so that non-radial Iraqis will have the oil once they take back control of the operations.

Our choice to go to war was voted on by an ALMOST UNANIMOUS vote of congress based upon intellegence that was agreed upon by most of the civilized world. Don't forget, while we found no WMDs, we were shot at by Scud missiles in Kuwait when we first attacked Iraq in 2001. Saddam said he didn't have those missiles. Also, thousands of Kurds were found inflictied with conflagarations dealt by Saddam's Chemical and Biological weapons. We found facilities fully capable of producing these weapons. We also found several tons of enriched nulcear material in Saddam's arsenals. Is it so hard to guess that these weapons were either destroyed or moved prior to the insurgance? Saddam had plenty of time to move them.

Also, don't forget the over one million people that Saddam killed in a regeme of terror. Kurds and Shiite muslims lived in terror of him.

Don't forget that Saddam harbored Al-Quieda, and refused to turn them over.

Don't forget that we have in 4 years created a Democratic society that held it's first elections where Sunni Muslims VOTED to show their opinions, rather than used guns. It took the United States of America 13 years after declaring independance to write our Constitution. Iraq did it in 4. The people, for the most part, love America, and love what we are doing. Several American leaders, including the Democratic party's former Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Liberman, are in favor of continueing this war. It is a just war.

Anyone who keeps spouting that "Bush lied" or "We went to war for haliburton" is just a misguided liberal, who is using buzz words. These statements have been disproven YEARS ago, but libs refuse to accept that.

I could go on- but I think I've been on my soapbox long enough.

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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