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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

First 5 on the waiting list created

Updated Waiting List

Originally Posted by Augustus
Steph or Ant, could I please have my diary back if possible? I promise I'll be a good boy and not let it die

Originally Posted by Electric Muffin
Name: Apple-A-Day

Description: What youíre eating, whatís eating you, health, and everything else you donít care about!

Owners: Me (Electric Muffin) Lana (Bananaaaax)

Originally Posted by Nice_Guy
I have a request!

The Magical World Of Colton

About: VT middle and About the world of me!

Owner: Nice_Guy

Originally Posted by optimashprime
hi guys and girls

is it ok for you to make me a dairy called

the mad world of optimashprime

what it will be about is just random things that i wish to put in it and what other people want to add

owner me please


Originally Posted by JustNick
Can I go on the list please

Title: The View From Both Sides
Description: Why swing one way when you can swing two?
Owners: JustNick
am i on the waiting list ?
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