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Originally Posted by â„¢
I voted yes. I don't see why not.
Because you could have been aborted

Originally Posted by koler
I'm pro choice, its the mothers desision. the baby is not a person yet.
Originally Posted by Underage_Thinker
ya but think about this.
say a 15 year old has sex with her bf without contresetive. She gets pregnant and 9 months later the baby is born. The mother is forced to drope out of highschool and the kid lives a poor life, or is adopted never knowing what or who his/her mother was. I know it ruens lives b/c my cousen had a kid when she was 14 and now she is a drug attick and homeless.

I couldn't say yes or no to this. If my gf became preganant, I would probably ask her to have an abortion (as she's 15). I don't want to her ruin her life. I agree that if the child is unwanted - adoption is th best answer but the child will eventually want to find out his/her birthparents and there would be permanent mental scars on the parents and child.
I don't like the idea that a human can just be discarded and life becomes devalued.

This is what contraception is for. If the couple doesn't use any, they should pay the price and have the baby. If they become homeless and a drug addict, it's their fault.

A person is a person when they become a foetus. Just because they're inside of someone, doesn't mean they're not human. Like Alex said, the foetus breathes, feeds, kicks and feels pain. I was under the impression that people do this as well.
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