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what you just said there at the end is completely off from what you said. at the begining you basically said got does not restricet us, he gives us free will and he will let us do what we wnat. reward the god and unish the bad. but you turned from that and related god to a police officer stoping you from entering a firing range. a police officer does not reward you for listening and he does punish you fro not though. he will physically force you not to. god does not. if you make a bad decision god lets you be god could care less. a police man is more of the god you worship than the god you prech. the police man trys to save your life. the god will not, the crusades were not optional anyways. the men were forced to fight. i dont see any restrictions from god stopping hitler from killing like 6 million jews. or him stopping the crusades. just 2 events that your "restrictions on bad things" should have stopped. all the things that he might have stopped werent because god seems to be racist. yes god hates musliums and jews. when you really look at the facts and the "bible" truths it makes sence.

i dont think religons are bad they just dont go about what they "say" they are trying to do the way that wouldnt get people to go and kill each other for. did you even read everything i wrote?

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