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i tell people i'm an athiest, but rather i just don't give a shit. i do believe that religion in itself is a very positive thing in a way even though we can't prove that one religion is more right than another because it gives people hope and all that jazz but it's also the reason for so many wars and arguments and why my uncle didn't go to his own mother's funeral and crap and why it's apparently a bad thing that i exist because i prefer the same sex over the opposite. religion makes (not all, but some) people very close minded, self-centered and hypocritical. because OHMYGOSH it's so bad that i don't believe in god and everyone needs to try to convert me into a christian but i get attacked for saying jesus christ or oh my god. if people can bash me for having a different religion and i can't use my freedom of speech and say something as harmless as "oh my god"... well, i don't know. there's just something a little fishy about that, eh?

the scars, the tears, with every breath
the pain, the fear, the taste of death
to hurt, to bleed, so far from real
to fall, to need, to never feel
i cry, i scream, just go away
and leave me be, i'll be okay
i hate it that they all assume that i'll be safer in my room
-me (Taylor Willcock)
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