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Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
I actually take this medicine. Let me go check my dosage.... ok curretnly i take a 15 mg Adderall XR capsul every morning, and then when i get home from school i take a 25 mg fast acting pill. I actually lowered my dosage recently because it was pissing me off to much.

Basically what it does is it makes you a more focused person, and kind of turns you off to external stimuli. For example you'll be talking with you friends, one of them will say something and everyone will laugh. Under normal circumstances youd laugh too, but with the medicine you'd just stand there and not think its funny. It kinda ruins your social life I guess cuz you never wanna do anything with anyone, and nothing you do makes you happy or sad or humorous etc.

I think it only works for people perscribed to it, because ADD and ADHD are more complex than just not being able to concentrate. I suggest you take some caffein pills like Viviran. its perscribed for a reason, so i could only imagine it having an adverse reaction on those who its not meant for
I take the 30mg and thats exactly what happens to me.

Also, it makes you loose your appetite, you dont want to eat anything at all ever.
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