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Originally Posted by LloydUK
I don't believe in one night stands, but if a guy and a girl who aren't married hav bin goin out a while, love each and want 2 then y shouldn't they? (btw i have no religion but I believe in god but i dnt like him, i think he's a sadistic murderer e.g. the tsunami in asia)
That's what I though. If he can part the red sea, why can't he stop a tsunami. Anyway, I'm a (sort of ) christian, but I don't exactly obey the rules. For one thing, I find it very hard to beleive that god spoke to moses, and I think alot of the old testament is utter crap (no offense to any Jewish people). Aaaaaanyway... I see no problem with sex before marriage, plus I think only the catholic church is against it.

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