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alright you guys.... as a neutral party here id just like to say give her a break... she was a new girl here and she didnt know where to post this stuff.... remembering when i was new to this site almost 2 years ago, the only 2 forums i looked at were white padded room and puberty... so plz guys... all she did was come in here looking to join the VT community and she asked for ur help to post a pic up... and u RUDLY said it was in the wrong place.... u could have said. This is how u do and then tell her politly next time this is where u put this type of post... OR u couldve redirected her to the forum saying how.... im being neutral here and when i look at this all i see is she posted "how do i get my pic up" and u snap at her... and u provoke her to argue with you.... u provoked her.... this is rediculous guys.... look at urselves

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