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You bring up the age old question: Why do good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people?

The answer is that God can't put us in bliss. He gave us free will. We are not subserviant to God unless we choose to be. It is Hitler's free will take took control of people's lives and ended them. Those in the Crusades chose to go there. It was free will.

God may not have wanted Hitler to kill off millions of people, and He may not have wanted the crusades, but He won't stop us from doing what we want. We are the ones who have to decide to be good people. We are the ones who have to have a generous free will, a kind free will, and a morally correct free will. If there is any evil in this world, it is created by us.

Religions, in your opinion, are bad because they don't do what you like. You'd like them to be one way, but they aren't. I'd like to be able to live a life of supreme sin, but my Christianity keeps me from that. God knows how to keep us safe, and if we ask for his will to be done, it will happen. I am restricted from immoral behavior in my religion, but I am also kept safe from the negative reprocussions of that behavior. I don't find a problem with that restriciton.

If a police officer restricted you from walking onto a firing range, that's a GOOD restriction. The same thing is with God. Only bad things are restricted.

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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