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also a point that maximan didnt make is that if there is a god, trying to birng us to bliss and make us become better people. then what about hitler? what about the CRUSADES? what about sadam, osama, bush? if there is a god, goddammit has he fucked up royaly so many times. also the chritsians and all other religions are stupid, instead of living your life to the fullest, instead of furthering your self, insead of plainly having a life you choose the easy way out, hey ill pray to this guy and for no reason he'll put me in bliss. bull crap. people who have faith in a god have are normal, people that worship a god are insane. the man(s) god could give a rats-ass about 1 person out of zillions of others in the entire universe. worshipers live in a world of forced ocd, you must do this, this, never this and then you can have bliss. people that accept others are profound people that are prejiduced towards others because of race, religon, age are dim-witted. people that can free themselves from restrictions can become great. people that willinglg WILLINGLY join a restriction become nothing. religon is a restriction. but then you might say oh max your being prejiduced towards worshipers. no, im pitying you, i seriously feel sorry for those that join a religion and Worship but i dont pity those that join for teaching. yes, the one thing i find good about religion is how they teach acctually some good morals. the moral that masterbating is a sin and if you dont repent you will live the rest of your life in the deepest pits of hell...not so much, i dont like that. good values(some) bad way of teaching them. the stories are god...for 4 yr olds. this is all im going to say for now, let this soak in and breathe the enlightenment

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