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So if a girl has a fuck buddy then she is a slut/tramp?
Well what does that make the guy??

Like i said before, if someone is old enough responsible enough etc etc...then whats wrong with them having fun with one person? So they dont officially call it a relationship, it doesnt mean they dont care about the other person, and he never said anything about sleeping around.

I stand by what I said before though, I have no idea how old I_Have_A_Question is and Im not saying I agree with what he wants to do, I jsut think that people seem so quick to call a girl who admits to enjoying sex or not wanting a serious relationship, a slut. That term is thrown about so much sometimes its seems like people forget what it actually means.

And I definately agree with what Nykole said and I think it should be said again:

Originally Posted by Elokyn
All I can say to add on is if you do find girls like that I suggest you be very careful. There are so many stds floating around. Just try to keep your partners to a minimum.

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