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I registered because I felt I needed to correct some misinformation on this thread.

Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
2) As an FYI, there are gazillions of sperm in 'pre cum'.
There is no sperm in pre ejaculatory fluid. If the person still has semen in his urethra because he recently ejaculated without urinating before returning to sexual activity, some sperm may remain and be pushed out via pre cum, but pre cum doesn't actually contain any sperm. Therefore, if you are having sex without a condom and you have "pre cum", as long as you don't ejaculate, there is almost no chance of pregnancy.

6) Balls do not 'Drop', there is no such term. Testicles descend into the scrotum before birth. They stay there in the same place, in the same position thru life. They only get bigger during puberty. They also do not change size before, during, or after ejaculation.
The two cords connecting the testicles to the body grow only during puberty, and grow rather rapidly. This causes the testicles to "drop", or hang lower. This happens around the same time the testicles start to create sperm, and that is why the balls "dropping" is often associated as the turning point in puberty. It normally takes about two weeks for the noticeable part of growth to complete, but the cords connecting to the testicles actually keep growing slowly into your early 20s.

7) ...there is nothing accurate about the term 'blue balls'. They are not 'blue', they never turn 'blue'.
One word. Vasocongestion. Blue balls is prostatic congestion, which is just a condition of temporary fluid congestion in the testicles and prostate caused by prolonged sexual activity not resulting in an ejaculation. Blue balls is a slang term, but the condition is real. Though your balls do not actually change color. Similar vasocongestion can also occur in females and is commonly referred to as "blue walls".

8) Whatever size you are now, you can expect to be about 6" when your fully grown, when puberty ends around 20. There is nothing to do about this but wait.
This is also misleading. What if a 15 year old with a 7 incher reads this, he might think that it'll shrink an inch before hes out of puberty.

Edited because last comment made was uncalled for. ~Marshki Cyanide

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