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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

i don't know exactly ...i just grew up likening female and male.. some days it would be females some days just males..

but sadly.. their are a lot of assholes in my schools they are either homophobic or tease people about being homo . stuff that makes me very Uncomphy. so i could never say i was bi in school afraid that i would be teased .. fyi 70% of my school is like this with both girls and boys.. for some reason they make being homo a huge deal so every day is drama..
the only people who know are my family. my good friends.. which is like one person...
but i have trouble about telling it to my guy friend Shannon.. im afraid if he knows then he'll be insecure with me or stop being friends.. but i really don't know.. i very much doubt hes that much agiasn't homo's and we have been friends for 7-8 years but im not risking it.
i pretty sure he knows im bi because he's asked me one time if i was.. ( i said no ..)
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