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1st major drunkenness was at 13
dont drink anymore after too many bad experiences with passing-out and throwing up, getting very drunk during the day etc.
weed at 13...and have done a lot since(now im nearly 16) and suffering soo much from psychosis and paranoia.
its a fucking horrid drug even though it is viewed as relitivly harmless, dont be fooled.
poppers...cheep though fucks up your nasal passage and can put you in a coma.
tamazapam(dont no how to spell it) a few times. pretty good tranquiliser but hard to get hold of, must be prescribed.
white widdow - weed with bits of crack in it. strangely good but nasty too.
i dont suggest you do any of the drugs ive mentioned. keep a clear head else you turn into a fuck-up, like me!

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