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How shall Christianity fade out? Our God has been worshiped far back into history. Prophets were proclaiming prophesies of Christs birth thousands of years before it happened.

There are some 300 prophesies of Christ's birth written in the old testament. ALL OF THEM came true- that is ALL OF THEM. The old testament was written long before the new. How could it get 300 prophesies about Emmanuel right if it weren't true?

In particular, there are 33 prophesies (give or take) about His birth alone. A mathmetition worked on this, and found out that the chances of Him being born according to the prophesies was 1:100,000,000,000,000,000 (That is one in every quadrillion). It has been likened to placing 1 sq foot tiles on every surface in the earth. One has a star painted on the underside. Your chances of picking that one at random are just about the same as Christ's being born.

Now, these prophesies were not written after His birth. Jews at the time, and hundreds of years before (after the time of Malachi in particular) knew about these prophesies. They were written in the holy books of the time. Only God can really make a 1:100,000,000,000,000,000 chance thing happen.

Jesus and His works are written in hundreds of first and second century texts. He is even in works by non-Christian writers. He was truely there. He fulfilled all of the prophesies. Billions have been touched by His light.

The TRUTH about fading Christianity is evident in fading morals, and less trust in the world. Life is much harder as fewer and fewer worship the Lord. People don't care anymore, and faith is put in fallable things. As Christianity fades, so does our country. As Christianity fades, the end of the world draws nearer.

Christianity totally fading, however. There is a reawakening after the 60s-90s saw slumps. Christian radio is proclaiming his word. Christian TV is slowly taking some of the airwaves. Christian gatherings are becoming stronger and stronger. I have worshiped with 70,000 people at once- 70,000 communing at once. It is an amazing thing. I have seen my closest friend accept the Lord and have his life changed forever. Amazing things happen- even Miracles now and then. Christianity isn't fading.

So while many teens spurn the idea of Christianity and try to keep its light from their faces, others are learning and growing in faith. While some teens dive into a life of sex, drugs, alcohol, and other impurities, others are keeping pure and keeping the Lord at the top of their list. These are the ones who will have eternal life. It's never too late to join 'em.

Praise the Lord!

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