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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

well when i was 5 i started to get attracted to guys and then in 5th grade i liked girls a lot then but in 6th grade i liked this one guy named anthony and this girl narda i thought it was a phase but in 7th grade i had a crush on my best friend julian i though he was really hot but i liked this girl cassidy by then i knew i was bi then i became friends with her then i asked her out.BIG MISTAKE!!! she dumped me the day after saying she wanted to be friends then i told her i liked guys she liked the fact that i was honest with her and we have been bff ever since. and at one my friend mary's birth day party we plaed truth or dare and got asked if i was bi i said yes then it was this guy chris's turn and he got dared to kiss me and i chickened out but then i got dared again and so we when into mary's garage an there was 4 other people besides me and chris i was super nervous and he leaned in and i scooted away and 10 minutes later i got the courage and leaned over to him and kissed him but only one person saw and she screamed "i was a witness!" then we had to do it again but that time we started to make out and so the other people (all girls) started staring and we stoped 10 minutes later mary said "WOW THAT WAS HOT!" and later that night chris called my house and asked me out i said yes we went to starbucks wuth mary and her bf he was bi and we sat down at a table and chris said i love you i said nothing a month later we broke up.then a month after that i asked this girl named jennna out she said yes and we kissed u know regular teen couple stuff we broke up a month later. then i told julian i liked him and i was bi and he said he was bi to and he walked away later that day he called me and we talked then i asked him out and he said yes so we meet up at his house for a sleepover it was like 8 o'clock and we were in his room and he put his face close to mine then we made out for a half an hour and something was pokeing me and then we watched a movie and we went back to his room and i had to sleep in his bed he did not tell me why then he touch me in a personal area and i got creeped out then we started to make out (again) and then we fell asleep at like 2:00 am and the next morning we went to the mall and we have been going out ever since like march im very happy with that but i have not told my parent so ya im bi but i lean twords guys more. (sorry it wwas so long had a lot to say)

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