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Originally Posted by pontiacdriver View Post
It is normal to talk with other folks your age about development issues as when a lot of us were 13 the changes through which we were going were really confusing and getting reassurance from someone else our age can be a big relief especially if they are going through the same thing. Just be careful about talking about sexual things as some folks are not really comfortable talking about it especially if they come from a background where body issues are kind of repressed. Just play it by the ear as some folks are totally easygoing about talking about their bodies while others are not. Obviously, if the person does not feel comfortable talking about body issues, then drop the subject.

Another thing I would add in reference to your "naughty" comment is just be really, really careful about doing sexual things with friends. As a rule of thumb, the quickest way to loose a friend is for you two to do sexual things together (and this includes masturbating together) as there are times when things get really, really awkward. Especially at your age your hormones are going to make you do things that you would not normally do, and make decisions with your big head and not the little one as you don't want to loose a friend(s) or be caught in an awkward situation.

Regarding your earlier question about balloons, I would really recommend you stay away from them as they are not really designed for the purpose you desire. If you can find some condoms around the house, then that is your best bet. However, my guess is that the only condom user where you are currently is your Father, and I am sure he will notice condoms missing. As a result, I would be careful if you try to use your parents' condoms. If this means anything, masturbating with a condom is not a huge difference anyway, and you are better off sticking with the ususual way especially since you don't have to worry about disposing of a condom which can be a pain at your age.

You had mentioned that you use shower gel as lube, and I am guessing it is a type of soap/body cleanser. Generally, using body cleansers/soaps is a bad idea as lubes as they can irritate your urethra. In your case it seems like you are doing all right, but I would switch to something like cream, lotion, or vaseline if I were you. What you are using right now is not bad, but I just would hate for you to irritate your urethra one day if some soap gets into it.

Porn can be fun to watch, but just be careful with it for two big reasons. Firstly, recognize that for the most part porn is not really how sex works for the most part, and don't grow up thinking that your future sexual partners are going to be like the porn models. Face it; porn producers have a limited amount of time to film, and they need their models to work relatively fast and to have a lot of action otherwise the producers do not make money. Just keep that in mind when watching folks in porn. Also, be really careful about what porn websites you visit assuming you are getting digital porn as some websites do have tracking software or have malware. As a result, be mindful as to whether or not a website is legitimate and that your computer is not acting funny after you go onto such a website. Sometimes it is just safer to get some magazines or using a department store sales paper as you don't want to put yourself in a position where you crash your computer or, even worse, crash a family computer due to porn.

As for masturbating in general, I think nearly all of us were like you as it takes a while to find what makes us feel comfortable. It took me a couple of months to get a hang of masturbating, and it seems like you are really new to it, too. What is happening to you is normal, and because masturbating is so new you want to do so many things. You just need to try different techniques, and as mentioned above, visit as it has a tonne of techniques. Just be wary of doing stuff with others, especially at your age, and you really cannot get into much trouble giving yourself a handjob as opposed to getting someone else involved. Just be patient with masturbation as it takes a while to find what you like, and as long as you are getting an orgasm, then you are fine.

Thanks for the great answer. Im sorry if I was not clear but I was not talking about involving others. I do not even really talk about that kind of thing with my friends. I only feel comfortable talking about it here as is anonymous. I understand about the dangers of visiting porn sites and am very careful. I will take the lube thing into account.

Once again thanks for all your help.

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