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Originally Posted by I Have A Question
i jus want to meet some1 hu just wanted to have a fling and hav fun an not take it serious but i dont realy no any1 like this! wat shud i do????????????????????
A fling, someone who you don't really wanna be with and just want to have "fun" with. Fun meaning of course, making out, sex and the like.

If a girl just wants to have sex for fun with a person who she doesn't really care for, she is, a slut. Most people that are like this date multiple people and "have fun" with them since they are just looking for a "fling".

Also, Lynne, he didn't say he was looking for guys. He said he was looking for girls. I'm not doing any double standards here, if he said "i wud meet a guy become friends if i liked him in that way id ask him out hed say yes we wud go out" I would have replied differently...... Buuuut, he didn't.

Basically, he's saying he wants a f*ck buddy, a tramp.

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