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Default Re: Being 15 and no signs of puberty plz read

Originally Posted by greger92 View Post
Well im 15 and i dont really seem to show many stages of puberty. Im going into 10th grade and i'd say about every one of my friends have either gone or is going through puberty. I have a high pitched voice which sounds almost like a females on the phone. I don't really have any pubic hair except above my penis i have clear colored hairs and a few colored hairs(aprx. 6) My testicles havn't dropped yet nor my penis hasnt seem to have grown much...ever. I masterbate becuase it feels good and lately a little bit of clear slimy liquid substance has been coming out. I was wondering if that was sperm? It sucks to not go through puberty at the same time as my friends. There are 6th graders who have at least started puberty that i know of. I dont have any armpit hair and i feel very young in front of my friends and girls when my shirts off like around the pool. I have alot of friends that i am up to 2 years older and they have started puberty. I know alot of people having sex and in highschool it seems like thats what people do when they date. So i didnt date anyone this year becuase i didnt want to get pressured into it and having to show my undeveloped privates. What should i do?????????????????????
yo if you're seriously not getting any penis hair, armpit hair, or anything like that. :\ and you're 15, you're deffly a late bloomer as someone else said...

but if you like MILK, drink alot of MILK and in about 3-4 months i guess you will start to get stuff... i really don't know maybe shorter then 3-4 months maybe longer, im just suggesting to drink alot of milk because i know for a fact that it helps so try it out it may take a while though but i guess keep going with it

good luck i guess
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