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Originally Posted by xbox360922 View Post
Hey there.
I could really only find 1 question in your post, if there was more intended, please post them.

Balloons are fine to masturbate with, as long as the neck of the balloon isn't too tight to where it's cutting off circulation.

Bottles I STRONGLY recommend you DO NOT masturbate with. You can get your penis stuck in the opening, cutting off circulation (Which in turn, wouldn't allow you to go flaccid again), and you'd need to get the bottle surgically removed. (Have fun explaining that to the doctor (Or your parents))

Again, if there were more questions in there that I just didn't catch, please post them.
Thanks for your quick answer. I was also just wondering if these thing I have talked about are normal for a boy of my age? What is the best way to "satisfy" my "naughty streak"? I want to try something different and, if possible, sexy but I am not sure what is possible in terms of male masturbation other than giving yourself a hand job. I do not feel comfortable with trying anal at the moment.

Thanks for any thaughts,

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