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Question Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***


I just signed up here and I would just like to ask a few questions. By the way I am 13.

I first tried masturbating just after christmas this last year. It did nothing for me and I left it at that. Then one day about two months ago I watched porn for the first time. When I was watching it I was subconsciously rubbing my penis through my trousers. After about half an hour of porn, I suddenly felt a very strong sensation in my penis. At the time it confused me but 5 minutes later I knew it was an orgasm.

After that I started masturbating regurly. However I have never found it easy to find a time/place that works very well. I do masturbate in the shower and it does work. Although I end up leaving the shower running one end of the bath and sitting in the bath at the other end and masturbating. This avoids the problem of the shower water stopping you orgasming. I sometimes also use shower gel as a lubricant which works quite well I think (Have never tried anything else). This situation is normally quite rushed though. The other thing I have tried is standing in front of the toilet and masturbating there. I then allow semen to go into toilet like urine.

Neither of these activities feel like they are quite right though. I am interested in experimenting and feel the urge to do something more adventurous but I am not sure what to do. I am not happy with the idea of doing in my room really though because of mess. I do not have access to condoms or anything.

I was wondering though if balloons would work though. Place over penis and masturbate with it on like condom. Then it would eliminate mess and I could do it anywhere. Little things like this a also kind of appealling to me as a way of experimenting. Is this normal? I was also thinking of maybe finding a bottle to masturbate by pushing my penis through the opening. Is that wierd?

I am stuck staying with my dad in a tiny one man flat at the moment so no masturbating for a while.

Just wondering what you thought about all this. Sorry if I have waffled on. If anything I have said is to graphic or anything I am sorry. Should not be though, should it?


PS. I do not wish to sound discriminative or anthing but I would just like to point out that I am straight.
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