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In my house there are 4 computers, my one, my sisters, my dads and a shared one. The internet access in my house is networked.
The shared one doesnt get used very much (actually, hardly ever) so it doesnt get updated much.

So i was just wondering, could it get a virus, even when its turned off? (we have broadband so i dont know if that means it always connected to the net, even when its turned off or what... ) Or is it just when its turned on?
Is it best just to update it when I turn it on?

Ooh and also, is there a chance that it could pass on any viruses across the network to other computers in the house if it were to get one?

Sorry, I know im an idiot lol and sorry if this doesnt make any sense ...if it doesnt then just say and ill try and explain in a slightly less dumbass way LOL!

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