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Default Re: Lots of pimples in the scrotal bag!

Originally Posted by Tace View Post
It's not exactly a "pimple" per say.. I do have the same problems myself though... Two on my sack and one just at the base of my penis where the sack meets it.. I pop them once a week and they just NEVER go away.. It's annoying, but it's been that way for a LONG time.. Nothing negative has happened yet... I'd see a doctor about it, but since nothing serious has happened, I just count them as pimples, even though they're technically not. I have acne pretty much everywhere.. Face, scalp, chest, back, sometimes even my legs (though chances are those are ingrown hairs). I wouldn't try to worry about it too much, but if you want to be on the safe side, the only way to accomplish this is to visit your doctor.. I know it's embarassing, but they really do help and won't poke fun at you at all.
hey bro, even if nothing has happened you still want to at least talk to your doctor to varify... it seems strange that a pimple would come back and fade within that time period... its your buddy down there just remember do him a favor and make him safe just in case
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