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Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0
There's tons of girls around here like that. They're called sluts. Look it up.
I disagree.
Just because a girl doesnt want a serious relationship, she is a slut?
And if you all believe that, why didnt anyone care to point out that the guys who do that are sluts aswell?
Sorry but I dont like double standards ...

Im not saying I agree with the way I Have A Question is thinking, but youre generalising all girls who dont want a serious relationship, stereotyping them.
Please dont.

Anyway, I Have A Question, can i ask how old you are? Also, why is it that you dont want anything serious?
Im all for people jsut wanting to have fun, as long as they are old enough, responsible enough, well prepared (both physically and mentally) and that they understand the consequences involved.
I suggest you really think about what youre contemplating, and in the meantime, there are these wonderful things called hands that you will find attached at the end of your arms, im sure you can use them to satisfy yourself

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