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A six pack isnt something you can just work on and it shows up in a couple of weeks.
It takes time to build up your muscles.
I dont know what kind of shape you are in just now, but it also depends on your total body fat aswell as (unfortunately) your genes. But if you have a layer of fat on your stomach then, you arent going to be able to see your abs, no matter how many sit ups you do.
Aerobic exercises are the best fat-burners, but like i said, i dont know what kind of shape you're in.
Like others have said aswell, your diet is extremely important.

Another things is, the sit ups you do, it doesnt matter how many of them you can do, its the contraction of your muscles when you do them.
There is no point in doing 50 sit ups if you hardly feel a thing when you do them. You need to really squeeze your muscles, contracting them hard, when you do sit ups for them to have the most effect.

However, most importantly, youre young and youre still growing. You have to be really careful not to over do it.
It might be an idea to talk to your doctor/some kind of trained fitmess instructor so they can tell you exactly what kind of exercises you could be doing and how often. If you do too much, your development could be effected, so be careful!

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