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Originally Posted by Hughesy View Post
Yeah well I just rolled down then, while flacid because I can't do it erect, and it's disgusting.. It really is but it just doesn't seem natural, when I try to roll it back it gets all folded in on itself and it's very uncomfortable, and when I do roll back it doesn't look right, unfortunately I live in the country and water is a blessing so I don't really have time to dilly daddle in the shower trying to man up and wash it, I've done it a few times with like a bowl of water and a towel but is there a special way I should be doing it? Because this just doesn't feel right
It's going to feel weird no matter how you do it so just start out slow. Having the skin pulled back does feel uncomfortable, just because we are sensitive in there. It also looks a bit odd because the skin piles up behind the head. This is normal.

If the bowl of water works, do it. It's much better than having smegma (white flakes) or a smelly penis.
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