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Originally Posted by Death View Post
You know, I never even knew that! So basically, if I were to decide to become Muslim, then a week later, decide to revert to athiesm, muslims would want me dead? Wow. If what you are saying is true, Islam is no peaceful religion. One question though; how do you know this?
relax,if u become a Muslim then you revert to another religion you are not gonna be killed.There is no such thing as "the penatly for apostasy (leaving Islam) instant death".
people don't have the right to kill apostates.
So basically,someone said something wrong about Islam and you jumped into false conclusions.

Originally Posted by Jetfire View Post
i found it out through watching some videos of richard dawkins, he said that that was the case, and then i googled, and pretty pretty much all sources agreed...
isn't he an atheist ?

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