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Originally Posted by Jetfire View Post
another question, mainly for junkie, but others can answer.

why is the penatly for apostasy (leaving Islam) instant death, yet people say Islam is a peaceful religion? surely that is not a sign of a peaceful religion?

again, just trying to increase understanding.
An individual Apostasy, al-ridda, is not similar to group apostasy. When a group of people renounce Islam and pronounce their enmity to Islam, by holding their guns against Muslims, they are considered apostates, murtadeen. But if one single individual renounces Islam publically, he or she cannot be considered an enemy unless he/she joins the enemy in holding the gun against Islam and Muslims.
The idea here is whether the person constitutes a real danger to the UMMA. Meaning whether this individual threatens the lives and possessions of the Islamic umma.

There is difference between forcing a non-muslim to join Islam (which is not allowed in Islam) and between allowing a Muslim to change to another religion (which is not allowed in Islam)

edit:sorry for the late answer,i forgot this forum :d

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