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Default Re: Breast Feeding in Public

i have read tons of stuff about this in the papers, and i'm really upset with what i see, how can people tell mothers not to be mothers, i mean if you baby needs milk, your baby needs milk !! and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A MOTHER CARING FOR HER CHILD.

seriously i don't know why people are complaning ?? this is just love.......

just to add on,,,,,,, i was in a restraunt once and a woman was breastfeeding her child in a quite corner as her baby had been crying (probably from hunger) she was really good in the sense that she picked a quite spot where she could be seen the least-she even got out of her seat to do so. (there were no toilets or other places she could do it) next to my table there was another woman with her family and when she saw that women brestfeeding she was appauled she asked the weitress to remove her and a few other people sitting around her smiled with agreemant. so that lady had to be removed from the restraunt and her own family was also asked to leave. now when this happed many of us in the restraunt were really unhappy and decided to leave in protest that was about half of us in there.

from this experience you could actually wonder how unresonable people are !!!!! i even heard the woman who complained say to her husband; "brestfeeding in public how obscene!! i wonder is she does the same to her husband." i mean WTF man how can a women be punished along with her family for feeding a baby.

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