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Originally Posted by ThUnDeR View Post
well if you always have your foreskin covering your head of your dick wont that take away the stimulation also???? really there is no telling which one is BETTER then the other its jsut everyones opinions soo yeaa i cant really agree with you
Not really, the skin covering your head actually increases sensation because it protects it from drying out and rubbing against things. It also has alot of its own nerves which increases sensation.

Some of us have experienced both as well. I was circumcised about a year ago and while yes my foreskin and head were really sensitive I couldn't retract my foreskin so masturbation became painful and I couldn't pull it back to clean so stuff got stuck in became really unpleasent so I just chose to get it removed.

yeah there was some loss of sensation but no more painful masturbation or gross dick...I would say that if you are not circumcised and have no problem with your foreskin, keep it that way. It feels better and after masturbating you can always take a shower and clean it easily enough.
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