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Default Brain taking over in the morning....

Very often my mom will wake me up for school much later than I wanted...and when I ask why she took so long she says that she woke me up and that I said I was awake maybe 10-20 minutes before. This has hapened MANY times and one time she brought me a glass of milk saying that I asked for it even though I didnt. But she insists I did.......and its like something has taken control of me to get like that glass of milk of saying I was awake even though I wasnt to get more sleep...what could this be?

I also sometimes and this is pretty common, I sometimes wakeup with everything on my bed messed up, some stuff on the ground...even some stuff moved around...and I think it was me but I have absolutely NO memory AT ALL of it happenening...its like im sleep walking or something...any ideas to what these 2 things could be?

1 last thing, I think I talk in my sleep, alot...whenever another person is in my room like at a sleep over. I always hear it from my friends saying I was talking alot...but again I have no memory of it.

Another thing I should mention, one time my parents said how I was banging and screaming on their bedroom door in the middle of the night for a long time. This was in the morning, and I absolutely had no memory of it at all...I was pretty much in denial that it happened.
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