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Look, forgive me that I'm not in a good mood tonight - you'll see
why by my post in the Relationships forum titles "WHY IS THIS
FUCKING HAPPENING."I came on VT at this time of night because
I thought there could be some members on who could help. If not,
a mod. Why aren't they on? Because they're in a different time zone
and probably in school. This is why I suggested having some mods
from my time zone, GMT.

If there are suggestions, can we please IMPLEMENT them instead
of ignoring them. VT is going down the drain. The members and
I are all trying to suggest how we can make it better and get
ignored. I would have loved a mod to be online now to help me
but obviously it aint happening. By the time anyone in a high place
reads this, it'll be 10/11pm there and I'll be in bed. Thanks a fucking lot.
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