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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by XxemorawrxX View Post
Ok so there is an argument in this thread about if you're on one side of the argument, but have never experienced the other side then you can't really have a say on which is better, but I'm pretty sure that uncut feels better. Well kinda think about it....if you're uncut you're head (the most sensitive area) is covered by foreskin so, unlike a cut penis, it's not always in contact with rougher objects like cotton or spandex or denim (for those of you who go commando). So all this contact would make the head a lot more used to contact therefore reducing the stimulation of touch. So based on that I would think that uncut has a stronger sensation with touch.
well if you always have your foreskin covering your head of your dick wont that take away the stimulation also???? really there is no telling which one is BETTER then the other its jsut everyones opinions soo yeaa i cant really agree with you

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