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Heh. We didn't talk today. She talked to me once, all she did was ask me what I'm doing my speech on and I told her. I guess I was feeling too insecure. Yeah..

In other news I cut the tips of my two bottom fingers in shop. Fun. I was using the router(the machine that cuts the bottoms of wood off) and my piece of wood jerked from my hand and since I had a grip on it my fingers hit the blade. It was weird. When it happened I was like "woah... Is this happening?" and I looked at my finger then I looked at Coleen who was behind me and she gave me a grimace... It was bleeding real bad(like dripping with warm blood, it made me get sick from the feeling) until my shop teacher got some snow for me to put it in so it would slow down. Then he cleaned it up and put some band-aides on it. I was creeped out because he was like "oh.. damn.. It's cut pretty bad... "Right when he saw me.

That best friend I speak of from time to time told me that Emily said she likes me a little bit.... But I think she just feels bad because I put it out there like that and she doesn't like me back.

Life sucks, I'm glad I masturbate a lot. Those semen are getting a good deal, life is clearly overrated.

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