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Heh, I just fixed a friend's laptop that was doing this. There's possibly a virus that's on your computer, or (the more likely possibility) your computer has too many problems with it. Just download Spybot S&D, download all of it's updates, then do a scan of everything and remove it all (that will erase your start menu's recent applications, so you might want to leave Windows - for drivers - and Windows Explorer alone). After that, if some weren't removed, just keep clicking "Fix selected problems" until it removes all it can. Now, go Mode >> Advanced mode >> Yes. On the left bottom, go to tools. On the right, check all of the check boxes. Back on the left, click ActiveX and BHOs looking for anything that's marked red - if you find something, remove it with the "Remove" button. Now go to System Startup and anything marked in red, remove with the "Delete" button. While there, you might want to tweak your startup. Now go to System Internals and do a check. This will point out bad, corrupt, or misleading registies that might hurt the system. Some might be bogus, but you can figure out which ones are good and which aren't, right? Go to IE Tweaks tab and check Lock Host file... That will guard IE well. Now go to the Spybot-S&D tab at the top and click Immunize >> Immunize. The rest you can figure out later.

Delete your browser cache, then go and update it! That's one of the main keys. You have to update it or it might contain obsolete entries or be vunerable to some attacks (buffer overflow, etc).

That should do it. It only takes an hour to do and it works for me

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