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Default OCD

Someone Told me I had it, It never Used to be this bad, If U go to My Forum, Ull see my post about it, Ive gotten Voices in my head That Tell me to Repeat things till it sounds perfect, and I have Stairs in my house, I have to Stand On All the steps with both feet or I have to do the Same Going up then going down again, Its Getting Really annoying, I jst Forget Not to do it, and I Automatically do it all the stuff again

And Ill Be Keeping Useless trash incase it really need it, I Just Keep repeating stuff again Again, I always have to have the same bite size when eating, Im always Jittery about my weight, I always Have to Check if everythig is off, And Doors are always Closed,

I always Have to Touch A Place 2 or 4 times, And In My throat I have to Counts like i dont feel uncomforatble, And If I Have something to say about omething I Have to Say it or I feel Uncomfortable

My Teeth has always got to be brushed before i go out I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon
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