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Default Re: Songs of Anorexia and Bulimia

So, I've recently fell in love with a girl, quite unexpectedly and she comes with a lot of issues, like anorexia. And every time i tell her your beautiful, she takes it in the physical sense, and I've yet to tell her what i actually mean. She means the world to me, and that's why i'd never sing this song on my guitar for her because it'd make her cry...(just wrote it, need little work but sounds great)

My Lies and the Media Disease - Lorden's lethologica

When she was four she climb towards the cookie jar.
then came fourteen, now she hides her cookies in the jar.
There no blame for what you became,
your still beautiful beneath the shame you feel.

Media's actions caused a reaction in a human soul.
They painted on your mirror,
I'll never forgive what those social demons drew inside you.
You weren't created for their entertainment.
Their sticks became your bones, stone were thrown,
words changed your soul.

Here I am drowning in your whirlpool eyes, hugging the air,
too scared to lay my hands on brittle bones.
My words become your lie every time i told you your beautiful.
My eyes don't see your bones or pale skin tone but only your potential.
But doll you are beautiful even though i cry inside
every time i hold you tight, scared i just might squeeze too tight.

But i just wanted to say i'd go anywhere with you
and still be happy as long as you are there with me.
you are beautiful to me even when i close my eyes an become blind.
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