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uh dude I am 16 i was just saying that wen i was 13 and they were 14 and i had a shower without shorts they stilled laughed, even wen they were that developed themselves, i mean they were bigger than me and that was enough apparently. that is why at 16 im not gunna go in the showers naked because my penis hasnt grown since then whilst theirs have grown even more, it would be like deja vu.
I appreciate the clarification, and I did misread your post thinking you were 13. It really is hard when one is the smallest fellow among the others, and some folks can be real jerks. I don't remember whether or not you had mentioned your penis size, and I know that simply telling you to be confident when others are ragging you is not the most helpful advice. However, my concern is that if you take a shower in your shorts you are only going to bring more attention to yourself as I seriously doubt anyone else is going to do so. My view is still that you should come up with strong comebacks to anyone who gives you a hard time. Short of your having a micro penis it is all right if you are under the five inch mark especially if you started puberty later.

I really hope things work out for you, and the important thing is to let others know you are just as tough as them. Masculinity cannot be defined according to a relatively small appendange of our bodies.
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