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Polite hatred

Season 1

Episode 1

Jackie Ellis sat carelessly on a worn leather chair facing away from the dull oak door in the centre of the north wall. A small glass of gin rested in her right hand, her sharp nails tighten around the fragile glass. A sharp rap on the door broke the peaceful silence of the office. Jackie lowered the glass on to the polished table top, lighting a cigarette with a plain gold lighter from her lower left pocket. “Enter” she said crisply in the direction of the door.
A figure entered the room, his dark brown suit tightly strapped to his body. Jackie eyes narrowed at the middle aged man standing in front of her. His cold black eyes shining icily out from under his dirty blonde fringe, sharply pushing the offending fringe from his eyes, the man sat down, uninvited Jackie noticed.
“So jacks, what you got for me?” said the man, a slimy smiles sketched upon his features. “Nothing I haven’t told you before” Jackie sniped, the cigarette clinging to her bottom lip. “As I have told you before, your father owns 51 percent of the company, even if all the senior partners go against him” she continued coolly, swiftly pulling the cigarette from her mouth. “Which they won’t, you would still not be in control of the company” she concluded with a flick of ash from the dieing cigarette.
The man face glared stony back at her. “Doesn’t my 10 percent share count for nothing” said the man with a flash of anger. “Your father wasn’t stupid enough to give you the deciding percentage, your stocks in the company added to the senior partners only adds up to 49 percent of the total worth, leaving your father overall owner of the company” she said unemotionally, Putting out her existing cigarette in small crystal ash tray and taking a deep drink from the gin glass, in one fluid movement.
The man, with a sickly smirk on his face, causally slid a thick brown envelope across the smooth surface of the table. “There’s ten thousand in that and another five when the jobs completed” he said with a look of satisfaction.
Jackie quietly got up; picking up the envelope she carefully flicked though the note, putting it carefully back on the table. She moved silently around the desk where the man sat, quietly confident, her hand blurred as she slapped cleanly across his smug face.
“I am not some common gangster who you can pay to bump your father off!” She silently screamed, lighting another cigarette. “What do you want then?” The man spat at her, his face raw from the hit. “Nothing” she replied angrily, puffing slightly aggressively at the cigarette “your father as made sure there is no possible way of you or anyone else to seize the company without him directly handing his percentage over to him” Jackie stated her original calmness returning.
“You just given me an idea jacks” said the man rising from the chair, gulping down the remaining gin. Jackie looked at him, putting out the cigarette firmly, she said blankly “”this better be good, Ash.”

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