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[QUOTE=Deschain;582957]You are pardoned. : )

[QUOTE=junkie;582767]am a Muslim and proud of it

Good for you.


Who created God?


Not really. A few muslims are just very radical. Most are not.

radical muslims represnt less than 1% of muslims around the world

Yes because that's where the evidence points.

No, it was not.
yes it was
profs proved that 911 is an inside job
check these vids

I will agree with you that it's a bad thing that terrorists are making normal muslims look bad. As for whether or not American soldiers are terrorists themselves, that is another debate in itself.

I will agree, but you must admit there are a few who do hold radical terrorist beliefs.
Islam is not the only reliigon where some people are extremist, and that other religions also have extremists or people with false beliefs. Look at the KKK thing.
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