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I agree with Nykole, talking is always best.

I dont know how far you have gone physically, but maybe a while after you have talked you might want to take things slightly further, you could just try something and see what her reaction is.
And before anyone goes crazy at me , I dont mean, jump on top of her and wait to see how long she screams for! LOL!

I jsut mean, if you guys are making out or...w/e you do, you could very slowly move your hand towards where you want it to go...her chest? i said, i dont know how far you guys have gone.
But if you do this, it is very important to pay attention to her reaction, her breathing, her movement etc etc, because as Nykole said, sometimes someone can feel pressured to do something at the time, so even if she seems remotely uncomfortable jsut reassure her thats you are fine with it, and dont go any further. (That might be something you could talk to her about, make sure she knows she can tell you to stop if she doesnt want to go any further at any time, and that you are okay with that )You could even pull back for a second at the time, and ask her if its alright (sometimes you dont even have to talk, just ask her with your eyes...if that makes sense ok...yeah im jsut weird LOL! ).

Anyway, if i were you, i would have that open conversation with her soon, if you are prepared to take things further then you should be ready and willing to be able to talk about it
Have fun!

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