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Originally Posted by koler
Originally Posted by dying lullaby
Originally Posted by koler
if you took 12 pills you would be dead
not true. i ODed on about a bottle of benedryl once to try to off myself and it deff didnt kill me. 12 pills will seriously fuck up your heart though. i was rushed to the emergency room and they made me drink charcole (worst taste i have ever experianced in my life) and i was hooked up to a heart moniter in ICU for 3 days.
you're seriously dense if you think that getting high from over the counter pills is cool. its very dangerous an you're probably going to die from a heart attack some where soon down the road.

good job(yet again, sarcasm)
do you think they rushed you to the hospitle just cuz. no it was becusae you could have died, 12 pilles can stop your heart
OK, no. Benadryl can NOT stop your heart. At HIGH doses (almost a gram) , you can go into a coma, cause liver damage, or heart attack. Your heart doesn't stop. It does a lot of damage to your liver, I'm sure.

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