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Originally Posted by samsimpleasthat View Post
tbh I really don't mind about intercourse or anything it really is in the showers after my sports matches, I either don't have a shower or I wear my boxers or lycra shorts with the excuse that I sweated lots so easier to clean the shorts in the showers lol. I can't bear to give in because all of the jerks in my rugby team will laugh at me forever and never get over it. I know this from experience because it happened 3 years ago when in the same situation just younger. However of course they all had at least growing penises as they were 14 and still laughed at me even when they weren't fully developed themselves, I mean wth!

But oh well, that's life, people have much worse problems than me :S
The trick is that if folks give you a hard time about your penis that you think of good comebacks and don't let folks keep you down. If you hold your own and don't let folks think that they are making you feel bad, then they will move onto other targets.

At 13 there is no way a person is going to have a full sized penis, and many folks your age have not started puberty. Personally, I would shower normally, and don't be afraid of those jerks starring at your penis. You know, those folks giving you a hard time about your penis could actually have issues with their own bodies, and they are just trying to deflect attention from them to you. Short of your teammates being God there is no way they can have the perfect body, and call them out on their abnormalities if they are giving you a hard time.

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what cut meen is it a circumcised or uncircumcised
"Cut" is a slang term for a circumcised penis as one's foreskin is cut off in such a procedure.
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