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Originally Posted by xTheLordsServantx View Post
I do not do drugs, and i never will. Also i do not drink because i am only 15, and the legal age is 21. I do not do drugs and drink because:

1) Its stupid - Drinking and doing drugs can ruin your life. Also, every time you do either one of those, u lose brain cells, thus making you more dumb.

2) I'm an athlete - I play soccer on varsity at my school. If i were to get caught doing anything illegal, then i would get kicked off the team, which i could not deal with

3) Im on Student Council - Better known as Student Government, and we had to sign a contract saying that we would not drink, smoke, or do drugs during the school year.
wow your gay (dont get mad i just have a bad habbit of saying things are gay hell im bi lol) iv smoked, drunk, poped pills, siped syrup, and whip its sins 12 and i play foot ball not stupid soccer and get all A's and B's even with adhd and dyslexia. (im not saying anyone should do these drugs but dont talk about shit you dont know about) you have got all your facts off gov fear campaigns and D.A.R.E. people that get payed to say how bad these things are get your facts strait.
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