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How so? It's a theory of our creation. Can theories not be taught in school?

See, the problem is that nowadays, no one believes anything if they can't prove it - hmmm, just as always in fact. As if the type of matter called "gas" had not been discovered yet, 80% of people would claim air doesn't exist, and instead, we breathe to let the bad stuff out

Now look, there's notta solid proof of anything, otherwise, they wouldn't be theories - they'd be laws/facts, correct? Instead, we're faced with just tid-bits of proof. Take the mammoth that was frozen in ice while it was grazing. That could be looked at as proof that the "canopy of water" over the world did exist, and fell down, causing extremely cold temperature in some areas, which proves that, in fact, evolution is completely wrong - Intelligent Design has been proven and all "evolution" that occurs is just that of micro-evolution, which is supported by Intelligent Design.

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