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Default General help needed

I'm going out with this girl, and I am really good friends with her so its easier, but at the same time its kind of awkward. We've made out and had a pretty intimate moment, but idk I guess i just need to know what i should do. Over winter break we hung out a lot and being close was easy, but now that school is back I doubt I'll get to see her as much, and pda is still a little nervous for me, I don't want to be, but its only been the 2nd day of school and what should i do? Can't just make out with her in the hallways. Anyone have any suggestions? Also, I'm not sure how far to go with her intimately. I don't expect sex, but last time i stopped and asked her if it was ok for me to do certain stuff, which looking back i'm not sure how to feel about it, because i didn't want to offend her by going too far, but at the same time i feel like an idiot for somewhat ruining the moment. So much pressure on guys to make the first move, and that would be fine but i don't want to create an awkward moment if I go too far. Anyone who can help? thanks in advance

~ Jason
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