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I think respect is one of the priorities here. Give respect, get respect as Tony Blair says. I'm talking about each member respecting other members; members respecting mods; mods respecting members; admin respecting members etc.

I think a three strike system should be to freeze a member. Another three strikes once unfrozen means a ban except in extreme circumstances.

Rather than one mod for each forum, how about a group of 3-4 to mod all the psychiatric forums. Koler's right, there needs to be rules for mods as well to prevent abusage of power.

There could also be a member ambassador, who intorduces themself to a new member, tells them what VT's about, about the people who come here, rules etc. and they could be like their guidance councellor for their first week of something. Naturally, this would have to be someone who's been here a while and experienced e.g. a 2500+ post member (not a mod, as there should be an opportunity for members to take an active role as well).
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